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Butthead NFTs represent a community that values laughs, love, good times, beautiful art and great butts. We created 8,888 Buttheads, with over 300 unique traits. Our goal was to create a less serious NFT that resonates with everyone regardless of where you are from or what you enjoy. Like in real life, every butt is unique & beautiful.


No Promises!- Except laughs, wild IRL events, insane giveaways, partnerships, merch and a metaverse 

In Jan 2022 this project was purchased from it's original creators by a group of NFT collectors and buttlovers. The project had failed and had no traction (0.001 ETH price) but us Buttheads could not see it die. Since taking over the new management team has added over 100 eth in volume traded to the project and 10x'ed the price by doing the following:

Rarity Tool Partnership 

Nifty Gateway Launch

Nifty Tailor Partnership

Partnership with national brand Dude Wipes 

Dude Wipes x Buttheads Giveaway

Buttheads 1st Annual IRL Comedy Event - Laugh your Ass Off

Free Trip-for-Two NYC all expense paid Giveaway 

Season 1 Merch Drop

The team has big plans for this project and currently has the following in the works:

Season 2 Merch Drop

Phase 2 - Dude Wipes Partnership 

NFT NYC IRL Party: Buttheads Reloaded
Buttland 2.0 

and more

1. NIFTY -min.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 12.48.28 AM.png



Wen butts? 

Buttheads originally launched on October 18th 2021. Butthead relaunched with the new team in Jan 2022. 

Whats an NFT?

An NFT is a one of a kind digital collectible with ownership verified on the blockchain. People can trade, buy, sell these or do other cool things with them.

How do I get one? 

Right now you can either buy a Butthead on Opensea or Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway will allow you to buy a Butthead using your credit card. For step by step instruction watch this video. Opensea will require you to have a third party hot wallet with crypto-currency in order to purchase. We accept both ETH and ASH as payment. For a walkthrough this process watch this video. 

Can I get involved?

You have a nice BUTT? DAMN, sure you can! Just message us in discord with your ideas and suggestions. We’re open for any kind of fun idea.

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